Strategies for Resilient Web Applications and Websites

Zachary Watkins
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This presentation identifies points along the software development lifecycle and how they can be used to improve the resilience of a website or web application. Slides are available. It was originally presented to the Texas A&M University System on Wednesday, September 28, 2022 from 12:55pm to 1:40pm CST at the annual Tech Summit conference. Speaker introduction by Kris Guye.

We always plan to succeed, but are you also planning for failures? Learn effective risk management strategies for designing fault-tolerant applications and websites at every level of the stack. Consider the opportunities for predicting, preventing, and transferring risk - and then failing gracefully when an incident occurs. These strategies will be presented using an in-production full stack sensor data application hosted on Azure as a case study. This presentation will give developers and leaders real-world examples to learn from when adding resiliency to your own projects.



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